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If you have acne, you may have spots on your face, chest, back, and shoulders. You might not have them on all of these areas. For example, acne can affect just your face, or just your chest or back.

The spots are described as non-inflamed or inflamed. Blackheads and whiteheads are non-inflamed spots. Inflamed spots include red bumps and lumps, yellow pus-filled spots or fluid-filled cysts. In very severe acne, cysts may join together to form larger, deeper inflamed areas (acne conglobata). Your skin may be greasy and the spots may feel hot and tender to the touch.

You may get one type of spot or a mixture of the different types. The severity varies from person to person but the following is a guide. Mild: you mostly have non-inflamed spots.

Moderate: you have a mixture of inflamed and non-inflamed spots and you may be at risk of them leaving scars.

Severe: you have a lot of inflamed spots and cysts that are widespread on your skin and are at a high risk of scarring.

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