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Louise has 20 years experience in the beauty sector and over 16 years experience in the aesthetics industry. I started my journey in aesthetics as a laser and skin practitioner and worked my way up to senior management positions in large aesthetic companies. I fully appreciated all of the training and guidance that I was given at these companies and I LOVED my job. However, the industry was changing and smaller boutique clinics were opening, treatment were starting to become more accessible. These treatments can be very daunting for anyone, let alone someone who is not quite feeling at their best. And the large aesthetic companies didn't really have that "care factor"

I have PCOS, I have suffered with PCOS symptoms since I was a teenager. From the moodiness (and my gosh could I be moody) through to weight fluctuations and skin problems. Acne has always been apart of my life, at times my skin could get really bad, which would affect me emotionally. I was on contraceptive pills for years to help calm my acne acne but this was just being masked and I soon as I came off the pill, my skin got really bad again. 

I understand how it feels not to like something about yourself, and how hard it can be asking for help. I have worked in the industry for years yet I never felt comfortable enough with anyone doing my treatments! I thought as soon as they would take my makeup off I would be judged and spoken about, it made me feel uneasy and I soon started to realise that the industry needed to change and be more accessible, whilst making everyone feel comfortable. 

In 2019, I was hit with the worst possible news, my dad had a brain tumour and was given months to live! Having my own clinic was something that my dad had wanted me to do for a long time but I had enjoyed being part of huge reputable companies and learning from some of the best people in the industry. When you get told that the person you are closest to has months to live, you suddenly have a change of attitude... one being that life is too short! 

It was that day that I decided to set up Fab Aesthetics Lounge. My Dad's face lit up when I told him of my plan. I went about planning the set up of the clinic in January 2019, we were open in April 2019. Shortly after opening my dad pasted away! My world was turned upside down but this clinic is in his legacy. Starting a business and the loss of my dad really affected my PCOS, my skin was the worst it had ever been. At it's worst it would have around 30 spots dotted all over my face and neck, they were those large spots that wouldn't pop, so I would mess around doing different treatments spot treating the spots rather than sorting out my skin.

My skin was in a very fragile state, it was dry, really sore and red. I was very conscious about what I would put on my skin as many things would make it flare up. It was crazy because I work in the industry but I wasn't listening to my own advice.  My confidence was at it's lowest, but it made me think of all the clients that come in to see us and how you must feel when they come in and ask for help. 

In 2020, when lockdown one happened, I suddenly found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I decided to FINALLY listen to my own advice. I took treatments and products home with me and started looking after all of my skin rather than just spot treating each spot that appeared. I started researching the best supplements to take for PCOS and what supplements can help with acne. From working on the inside, I physically and emotionally started to feel better. And my skin was starting to improve too with the treatments that I was doing, within six months I started to feel more confident in my skin, I was wearing less make up to mask my acne. I still to this day will get spots, this is down to my hormonal imbalance. However, I now get 5-6 spots, my skin is not scared, nor does it look dull and lifeless.

I'd like to invite you to join us on our journey to better skin and health. We can help by bringing you a wealth of knowledge through our social media, blogs and podcasts. In clinic we have the treatment skills to ensure that you will feel fab again, through our care, guidance and the results that you will see!

Meet The Team


Louise O'shea
Managing Director/ Founder


Jan Birch
Nurse Injector/ Clinical Director


Tina Fu
Laser & Skin Practitioner


Emma Fisher
Laser & Skin Practitioner

The Lounge

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MON-SAT | 9:30 - 6: 30
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