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HI, I'm Louise, the founder of Fab Aesthetics Lounge.  I have over 22 years experience in the beauty sector and over 20 years experience in the aesthetics industry. I started my journey in aesthetics as a laser and skin practitioner many years ago. I was lucky enough to get work in to the larger aesthetics companies who were the first companies to start laser hair removal services. This is where I received excellent training for laser and skin, worked with top brands and some of the best people in the industry. I started as a practitioner and worked my way up to senior management positions over many years. I fully appreciated all of the training and guidance that I was given at these companies and I LOVED my job. Over the years I have treated hundreds and thousands of clients, and what I have found is that some clients come for treatment for the connivence and some clients come because they have a certain concern with their hair growth or skin. Clients have come to me over the years and we have become close friends, Clients come and share their life experiences or a troubled day/ life and some clients come and go. But, there's not just one type of client that I love to see. Everyone is so individual and different, but one thing I do understand is when anyone comes in for any kind of treatment, it can be extremely daunting. This is why I created Fab Aesthetics Lounge. Not only do you get experienced practitioners treating you, doing their bit to get you the very best results, but you also get customer service at the highest level, we aim to make you feel at ease from the very first moment you come and visit us.

Here at Fab, we treat clients who have many conditions from skin problems to excessive hair. I suffer from PCOS and more recently I am going for tests for Endometriosis too. I have suffered with PCOS symptoms since I was a teenager. From mood swings, tiredness, cravings, through to weight fluctuations and hair and skin problems. Acne has always been a big part of my life, at times my skin could get really bad, which would really affect me emotionally! I was on contraceptive pills for years to help calm my acne, but over time I realised that this was just masking my issues, and wasn't solving my daily struggles. At 27 I decided to come off the pill, as soon as I came off the pill, my skin, weight and hair growth went really bad again. This is when I started researching and doing more investigation into wellness. 

Over recent years, I have working on wholistic approaches to treating skin and hair. And this is why when anyone comes to see us for Laser or Skin, you will always have a full thorough consultation, so that we can get to the root cause of your concerns and create a bespoke plan. If you feel uneasy about going to see someone about your concerns. The best thing is to do your research, look for experience, machine and products used, are you offered a consultation and is everything gone through with you. 

We understand how it feels not to like something about yourself, and how hard it can be asking for help. I have worked in the industry for years yet, I've never felt comfortable enough with just anyone doing my treatments! I thought as soon as they would take my makeup off I would be judged and spoken about, it made me feel uneasy and I soon started to realise that the industry needed to change and be more accessible, whilst making everyone feel comfortable. So Here Fab was born, we are now 5 years down the line, treating hundreds of clients, who are not just clients but are family and all feeling Fab xx


Fab Aesthetics Lounge

Meet The Team


Louise O'shea
Managing Director/ Founder


Jan Birch
Nurse Injector/ Clinical Director


Tina Fu
Laser & Skin Practitioner


Emma Fisher
Laser & Skin Practitioner

The Lounge

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01204 284 900 | 07399 591 082 
MON-SAT | 9:30 - 6: 30
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