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What are Skin Peels?

Skin Peels are different strengths of acids applied to the skin. There are many different acids used to treat different skin types. With regards to Acne we use azailic and salicylic acid which is a beta hydroxy (BHA) that has powerful 'acne fighting' properties. It is excellent at treating oily and blemished skin. It is the most soluble acid, meaning it easily penetrates deep into the pores to effectively dissolve the glue (oil) that sticks dead skin cells together - for a real deep clean.

Benefits of a Skin Peel

Skin will feel less oily, clean, you will start to notice that you will get less breakouts over a course of treatments.

Are Skin Peels Painful?

Skin peels can feel quite hot on the skin when they are first applied. This heat lasts for around 2 minutes and then starts to subside. It's not uncomfortable or painful and a fan is used to take away the warm feeling. For best results, a combination of both IPL and skin peels will give you the results you want within a shorter space of time.

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