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Results after 4 sessions of Skin Tightening, Homecare & Supplements | FAB Aesthetics Lounge


The neck is one of first giveaways of ageing, the skin can start to look more wrinkled, the texture can be crepey and dehydrated. And yet it’s always forgotten about!

Our clients neck really bothered her, she felt like it was ageing her more. We did a thorough consultation, spoke about her diet, homecare products and treatments.

Our client started on homecare products and supplements, along side a weekly treatment of skin tightening. We are currently 5 weeks into the program and these are the results so far… pretty amazing right?

Next sage we are moving the skin tightening to 4 weeks apart, adding SkinPen and a new treatment that we are launching mid October.

Excited to learn more how we can help improve your skin? Enquire by sending us a message or email to

Or book a skin consultation through the link in our bio

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