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Laser hair removal results after a course of 6 sessions | FAB Aesthetics Lounge


Laser hair removal results after a course of 6 sessions. The client came in to us concerned about her hair growth. She has PCOS and has been shaving and plucking her hairs for years, so much so her skin was inflamed, pigmented and had rashes and spots on the area.

With many of our PCOS clients, confidence is low because of their hair growth and skin concerns. Our client started having her face done with us first and once she seen results, and we helped to build up her confidence, she moved on to have other areas of the body done too. Anyone with PCOS understands how much of a big deal this is. It’s very rare unless someone is recommended do we get pcos clients going for other areas of their body first due to their lack of confidence.

This is an amazing story that I wanted to share with you all. we love that we can help so many of our clients overcome their fears and move to other areas of the body. This is all part of the journey with us, there is never any rush or sales ploy and we will always go that extra mile to make you feel comfortable in your treatments.

These results were after a course of 6, there is a huge difference but still some work to be done to get to our clients desired results. This client is continuing with treatment and has also moved on to skin treatments, these have helped with her pigmentation and ingrown hairs that were under the skin. She has pumpkin peels and dermalux, uses a glycolic cleanser at home twice a week, b5 hydrating serum, and skin brite to help reduce the pigmentation, and never forgetting with the face SPF on a daily basis.

We are not just your average laser clinic, we help with so much more than just removing hair.

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