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Laser Hair Removal -how effective is it?

Laser hair removal works by sending the light of a laser through the pigment in the hair. The hair converts to heat, which damages the cells that feed the hair follicle around the hair bulb. It takes 7-14 days after your each treatment to see a difference, and 6 - 12 treatments to get the full result. You have to be really regular with your appointments because your hair follicles are all at different stages of their growth, so you want to make sure each one has a chance to get zapped. Your practitioner will advise you on the treatment gaps for you.

Most people report a 90 percent permanent reduction in hair growth but fluctuating hormones can make some hairs grow back. Depending on your hair growth and each individual clients case, at the end of the treatments it may be recommend that some top up treatments will be needed.

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective method of removing unwanted body and facial hair, with long-lasting results. Most people will experience some redness and maybe some irritation after treatment, which usually dissipates after a few days.

More serious side effects can happen due to the amount of heat an energy used in treatment. But if all pre and aftercare is followed, minimal risks can happen.

There are many different types of Laser hair removal. Our advice is do your research and have consultations, ask about the laser that is being used and look it up so that you can see how effective they are. Look at clinic reviews and ask about qualifications and experience of the practitioners. You want to make sure you are going somewhere that will look after you and care about your results.

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