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Good Skin … Is In - FAB Aesthetics Lounge

Good Skin … Is In Did you know Fab Aesthetics Lounge offers free expert advise online

Many of us have busy lives and find it hard to get in to skin clinics for advice and others find it daunting coming in to a skin clinic telling strangers their concerns!

It's always good to be able to see someones skin in person, so that we can look and feel the skin. However, we do understand that it's not possible at times due to lifestyle and confidence challenges. And we feel that this is a easy way to break the ice and get you started on your Aesthetics journey

So we have come up with a way to give you expert advice online. It's as simple as sending a description of your skin and some photos so that we can have a good look and understand the concerns that you are having. From there we will give our advice, offer you a home care routine and treatment plan if needed.

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