Skin Pen has arrived at FAB Aesthetics Lounge in Bolton

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Skin Pen has arrived at Fab

New Treatment - Introducing Skin Pen to Fab Aesthetics. Today we are going to show you the difference between Skin Pen and a cheap micro needling device.

Benefits to skin pen - helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles - reduces the look of sun damage and age spots - improves the look of scaring - improves skin tone and texture.

Differences between skin pen and cheaper needling devices: skin Pen is much more hygienic as skin pen is wireless and the needle heads come sterile and no blood spotting can get into the mechanism of the machine as the cap protects it.

The skin pen causes less trauma as it glides over the skin with ease, instantly causes erythema (pinking) to the surface of the skin with out going over with multiple passes. Everyone that comes in having skin pen will take away the skin pen kit, Containing hyaluronic acid and and a rescue cream.

Add growth factors to your treatment, to help boost your results. Book your free skin pen consultation today

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